Anders Steen Thoresen

Category: Projectplanning

Projectplanning == Lego?

People from time to time ask me, when working on smaller projects, why I spend the extra time writing detailed solution specifications and documentation in the beginning of a new project. I guess I sometimes get a bit carried away and maybe spend more time then actually needed to make sure I’m able to complete […]

Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity

Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity, a quote I first heard in the british movie Snatch, in that movie it describes the very predictable behavement pattern of simple individuals with a common goal. I allways liked this quote as it speaks to me on many levels, especially when it comes to creating good user quality […]

Si vis pacem, para bellum

If you want peace, then be prepared for war. An expression that I have been fascinated by since I heard it in the movie The Punisher. In that particular film, they probably meant actual war, but the message is still very real and can be applied to everything you do in life. The sentence can […]