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Survivorship bias

During World War II, fighter planes would come back from battle with bullet holes. The Allies found the areas that were most commonly hit by enemy fire. They sought to strengthen the most commonly damaged parts of the planes to reduce the number that was shot down. A mathematician, Abraham Wald, pointed out that perhaps […]

API simplified

When working with websites and solutions in general I sometimes notice that customers or partners don’t fully understand what an API is, everyone has heard the word, they usually just know that its important to have one, but not allways why. If you check google, “API meaning” is one of the most used searches in […]

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How to write a good story

There are many ways of writing a user story, and none of them can be considered the perfect way since the purpose of the user story might differ from project to project. There are some common guidelines that’s good to follow. In general, the user story should be a short story that describes the needs […]

Projectplanning == Lego?

People from time to time ask me, when working on smaller projects, why I spend the extra time writing detailed solution specifications and documentation in the beginning of a new project. I guess I sometimes get a bit carried away and maybe spend more time then actually needed to make sure I’m able to complete […]

Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity

Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity, a quote I first heard in the british movie Snatch, in that movie it describes the very predictable behavement pattern of simple individuals with a common goal. I allways liked this quote as it speaks to me on many levels, especially when it comes to creating good user quality […]

New job!

My 8 years at Svea Finans have come to an end. These years have been filled with small and big challenges, hard working and dedicated employees and exciting projects. It has been an incredible journey and it has been a privilege to have been allowed to help shape Svea’s IT solutions and systems to be […]

Si vis pacem, para bellum

If you want peace, then be prepared for war. An expression that I have been fascinated by since I heard it in the movie The Punisher. In that particular film, they probably meant actual war, but the message is still very real and can be applied to everything you do in life. The sentence can […]


Welcome to my new website. After a few years without a website, I thought it was time to dust off the domain and put up a new but simpler website, compared to the one I had before. The site will primarily be for information, but you never know if the need to write something should […]

Difference between a boss and a leader

As the picture below so well illustrates, a leader leads by example, but a boss keeps his distance and tells how things should be done, without contributing himself.