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Great managers

Great managers act as a human shield for their teams. 🛡️
In a timeless article, Bob Sutton reminds us how to protect our people’s time and dignity and enable them to focus on actual work.
➡️ Don’t waste time in meetings
Meetings are notorious time wasters. Some are necessary, often run in disrespectful ways, showing little regard for their people and arriving late. If we want our team to be proud to work for us, we will always start and end meetings on time.
➡️ Make it safe to fight back
When people have mutual respect, arguments over ideas are productive and creative. The best bosses make people feel safe to speak their minds, even to the leader.
➡️ Protect from external intrusions and time sinks
Best managers work to reduce outside distractions by, for example, championing mornings free of e-mail or streamlining processes.
➡️ Defy idiocy
When their own bosses are the problem, they occasionally defy orders. Once in a while, they encourage their people to overtly comply with misguided demands without buying in.
➡️ Slow their enemies
Good managers also protect their people from demeaning, overly demanding, and frustrating clients and customers.
➡️ Take the heat
Covering employees can be painful and risky, but it can be remarkably effective, engendering loyalty.
✔️ Final reminder: preserving our well-being and political power will also ensure we have the energy to fight.
Extract from an article from Bob Sutton. The complete source can be read here.

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