Anders Steen Thoresen



08.2005 – 06.2008The Norwegian School of information technolcogy

Bachelor degree (Gr. B) in web communication

  • Specialization in Asp .Net C #, Webdesign / CSS, System Development, Project management.
  • Applied communication theory, online journalism, usability.
  • Introduction to Ajax, PHP, MySql, MsSql, Oracle, Flash, XHTML, E-business
  • Main subject Software engineering (Gr: A):
    • Created an online solution for mapping and coordinating emergency equipment and resources during a national crisis.
    • Integration with Google Maps and tracker software
    • Technologyi: C # .NET, MsSQL, Oracle.
08.1999 – 06.2002Bjertnes Videregående, High School
General and administrative subjects.


08.2021 – currentTechnical project manager, DEGREE AS

Helping customers to manage e-commerce implementation projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Insights fase
  • Project timeline
  • Estimates
  • Solution descriptions and mockups
  • Features and userstories
  • Testplanning
  • Integrations with third party
  • Releases
01.2021 – 07.2021Delivery manager IT development, SVEA FINANS NUF (7 months)
  • Delivery responsibility for all development projects in Svea Finans NUF
  • Ensure reuse of existing solutions / methods / routines
  • Work with Development team lead and Process/QA manager to improve work processes and workflows, improve delivery.
  • Focus on universal solutions that the whole of Svea can benefit from (not for a specific business area)
  • Ensure that design manuals are followed and best practise user quality standards are kept in all new and existing solutions
  • Clarify priority on urgent matters and bugs in production, and make sure they are fixed asap
  • Daily follow-up of development department, be a motivator.
  • Follow up other project managers if needed/asked (User stories, procedures, documentation and mockups)
  • Attend refinements and demos for all projects when possible (to keep track of what we are delivering and when)
  • Work with operations to ensure that development has good environments for dev, test, stage and prod.
  • In charge of sharing experience, knowledge and documentation across the team
  • Maintain compliance and control of access to data across all solutions
06.2013 – 12.2020Technical project manager, SVEA FINANS (7 years 6 months)
  • In charge of managing and delivering business-critical solutions.
  • Work with the complete lifeline of a payment, from creation to debt collection and everything in between.
  • Create solutions for internal scoring and assessment of customers and end users.
  • Responsible for government integration projects against Altinn, BRREG, the Tax Agency and others.
  • The biggest projects I worked on:
    • Svea Inkasso Live (Web service for integration of debt collection in customer systems).
    • Banksystem (Processing, scoring and handling of loans and savings account applications).
    • Customer web (web solution to handle creditor and debtor claims with respect to debt collection).
    • GoPay (Web service to offer a complete set of payment products through a single API).
    • FLYT (Norway’s first fully automatic solution for invoice purchases).
    • DigiSign (fully automated solution for contract financing).
    • SveaScore (Internal scoring and scoring of customers and end users).
09.2012 – 05.2013Webmaster and Senior front end developer, DIPPER/TELENOR (8 months)
  • Was headhunted by the Telenor project group to be part of the establishment and launch of a new mobile provider in the Norwegian telecom market.
  • Responsible for the development of the website from concept, via sketches and specifications to finished product. This included the site in its entirety, the company’s blog and self-service solutions for end users and the company’s mobile administrators.
  • In charge of back end developer consultants.
  • Senior front end-developer, did most of the front end work.
  • In charge of development and maintenance of the company’s website, self-service solutions and other web-based communication.
01.2012 – 08.2012Teamlead support and customer administration, OKB AS (7 months)
  • Responsible for maintaining all websites / solutions after it was put into production.
  • The team consisted of KAM, back end and front end developers.
11.2008 – 01.2012Front end developer, OKB AS (3 years and 2 months)
  • Systems developer and front end designer.
  • Worked as an external consultant, but also on internal projects.
  • Worked with further development of existing solutions in addition to new projects with partner/customer
  • Worked primarily with implementation and development of PayEx payment solutions (OKB was a subsidiary of PayEx)


  • 03.1996 - 02.1998
    Aftenposten AS

  • 02.2000 - 08.2002
    Nittedal Farge og Interiør

  • 08.1999 - 06.2002
    Bjertnes high school
    General and administrative classes

  • 10.2002 - 09.2003
    Norwegian army

  • 10.2003 - 07.2004
    Oslo Sporveier

  • 07.2004 - 07.2008
    Logistics worker
    Apokjeden distrubisjon

  • 06.2005 - 07.2008
    Norwegian School of Information Technology
    Bachelor Webcommunication

  • 11.2008 - 01.2012
    Frontend developer
    OKB AS

  • 01.2012 - 08.2012
    Team lead support and customer administration
    OKB AS

  • 09.2012 - 05.2013
    Webmaster and frontend developer

  • 06.2013 - 12.2020
    Technical project manager
    Svea Finans

  • 01.2021 - 07.2021
    Delivery manager IT development
    Svea Finans NUF

  • 08.2021 - Present
    Technical project manager
    Degree AS



Norwegian, Native


English, Fluent


MS project, Team Foundation server, Office, Jira, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Teams, Slack, Visio, Visual Studio, SQL server.