Welcome to my website!

About me

I am 40 years old and live at Varingskollen in Nittedal with my wife, my son of 4 years, daughter of 7 years and stepson of 14 years.

I have always had an interest in the internet and web pages, I made my first web page on Geocities before it was common to have a home PC. After high school, I took my Bachelor’s degree in web communication at NITH in Oslo, I got a permanent job in the company that I collaborated with during my bachelor thesis. I worked for a few years as a front end developer and consultant.


I was then headhunted by Telenor to help start a new telecom company for small and medium-sized companies, Dipper. This was an exciting journey, with short deadlines and high demands. We delivered above all expectations and launched the company according to plan.

Financial sector

I was later hired as a technical project manager at Svea Finans, a company that has since gone from being a small challenger in the financial industry to being one of the biggest, especially when it comes to IT solutions and good integrations. A journey I am glad to have been allowed to take part in.


The last couple of years i have worked as a technical project manager, delivere manager and team lead at Degree AS, one of Norway’s leading companies in B2B e-commerce solutions.

I recently joined the customer side of the table when I joined Plantagen Group as an Manager IT Online.

I consider myself a sociable and positive person with a will to stand up and who gives a little extra for every delivery to be perfect, every time. My friends and co-workers may describe me as social, creative and solution-oriented, always with a twinkle in my eye.

I’m a self-proclaimed gadget freak and audiophile, like all sorts of technical gadgets and am a fan of good sound, whether at home or in a car. I work on cars in my spare time and im often at events with my cars, have even won a number of awards in show and shine during the years.