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The center stage effect

I have found that when having to ask a client/product owner for more time to complete a part of the project it is usually good to present them with: Three options One Is what we consider included in original estimates, often a stripped down version with a lot of manual work required on their side. […]

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Sprints and deliveries

In my work as a project manager I have come across many different approaches and best practices when it comes to how to run a project effeciently. I have never really relied on a single approach but have adapted what I feel is the best parts from each. Below I have written some short pointers […]

Great managers

Great managers act as a human shield for their teams. ?️ In a timeless article, Bob Sutton reminds us how to protect our people’s time and dignity and enable them to focus on actual work. ➡️ Don’t waste time in meetings Meetings are notorious time wasters. Some are necessary, often run in disrespectful ways, showing […]

Survivorship bias

During World War II, fighter planes would come back from battle with bullet holes. The Allies found the areas that were most commonly hit by enemy fire. They sought to strengthen the most commonly damaged parts of the planes to reduce the number that was shot down. A mathematician, Abraham Wald, pointed out that perhaps […]

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How to write a good story

There are many ways of writing a user story, and none of them can be considered the perfect way since the purpose of the user story might differ from project to project. There are some common guidelines that’s good to follow. In general, the user story should be a short story that describes the needs […]